28 July 2005

A Failed Print


This is my second ever moku hanga print, done in late May and based on a digital illustration I created for Illustration Friday, a weekly illustration challenge. The 5 blocks I used for this print are 8" x 10", so it's the largest print I've tried.

There are many things wrong with this print. First of all, I used bad paper. This is some Canson paper that I got at my local art store. They told me that it was for printmaking and could be dampened, but the texture was much too rough, it fell apart under the pressure of the baren and it didn't take moisture evenly. Secondly, I wanted to get the prints done before an impending trip to Japan so I rushed the whole process. One thing I'm learning is that moku hanga can't be rushed - it takes as long as it takes. And thirdly, the carving is rougher than I would like it to be.

This print has been sitting in my studio glumly staring at me, so I've decided that my next adventure in moku hanga will be to re-do this print. I'll be recarving what needs to be recarved and reprinting the whole edition over again.


Ellen Shipley said...

Fantastic. Thank you for the block and the video. I find nothing wrong with your print! I love it. I'm sure I'll love the new one equally tho. ;-]

Your instructions were very, well, instructive. I'd love to try a hand print, having learned printmaking on a press.

yochanan said...

one of the reasons that the Budda series work so well is that the colors work together. Try printing this tea print using colors that are in harmony like the ones in the budda print.

I don't print Japanese method so I have no opinion on the paper in question.