04 July 2005

Sosaku Hanga Exhibit in Tokyo

MuseumTicket print on ticket by Munakata Shiko

I visited my friend Mariko who lives in a suburb of Tokyo in early June and took the opportunity while I was there to see some moku hanga. Her son escorted me to a wonderful sosaku hanga exhibit at Fuchu Art Museum called "The Warmth of Woodblock Prints." There were over 150 prints displayed, more than I've ever seen in one place, and the catalog from the show explains the use of the term "warmth" this way:

Indescribable "humor" begins to fill my heart when I view the woodblock prints of [these] artists... who were all called "Creative Printers" and acknowledged themselves to be artists for the masses. "Humor" and "merriment" were the elements they best expressed in their creative prints. This exhibition is held under the idea that showcasing these "warm" types of woodblock prints and having a delightful time viewing them in an art museum should not be an unususal event.

Delightful it was. I'll post a few of my favorite pieces from that show in later entries.

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