02 August 2005

The Hanshita On the Block


There are many methods of transferring the image to the block, some quite complex. The method I've been using to transfer my design to the block is to print out the design on my laser printer (see previous post), then to dampen the printouts and paste them face down onto blocks using wheat paste. I wait at least 20 minutes for the paste to dry, then begin carefully rubbing with moistened fingers to remove the top layers of paper, leaving a thin 'face' layer holding the image. I then add a little mineral oil to make the remaining hanshita paper completely transparent.

I imagine that as I get better at moku hanga I will begin to use other methods to design. I can imagine drawing right on the block, or using cumulative prints of multiple blocks to create hanshitas for additional blocks. For now, though, I feel more comfortable having a design worked out completely beforehand.

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