27 October 2005

Ralph Kiggell


I just discovered the work of Ralph Kiggell, a British printmaker who studied in Japan and now lives in Asia - Thailand, I think. What I most like about his work is that the shapes and composition are bold and seem simple at first look, but the printing is very complex, textured and nuanced. From the description on his website it seems that he's doing moku hanga, but also using some power tools! His prints are quite large, some of them over 5 feet wide.


Anonymous said...

Ralph Kiggell has captured an unique angle and in addition uses print and hand made paper. This is wonderful stuff. I have now adorned my walls with over 10 of these senstaional prints and my house is transformed..now a home. Thank you Ralph kiggell

McDowalls said...

We came upon your mention of Ralph Kiggell here by chance and thought you might be interested to see images and descriptions of his wonderful book 'Leading the Cranes Home' that I have recently finished printing. As I suspected, it is being very well received! See more on our website, http://www.oldstilepress.com/ and at the Journal which is just a click away.