05 November 2005

More Illustrators Who Print

German Illustrator Roman Klonek (above) works in woodblock as well as digitally. Look under "Woodcuts" on his web site.

Also, my friend Cindy Woods, one of my all-time favorite artist/illustrators, mentioned in a comment the other day that Canadian illustrator Carey Sookocheff's work looks like linoprint. I investigated a bit and indeed, Carey uses lino on top of acrylic and some occasional collage. Her work is simple and beautiful and she also works in the fast-paced arena of editorial illustration.

I think there's lots of possibility for using woodblock in commercial work. Now I just need a couple of clients who are willing to try it with me!


Alexis said...

Someone gave me a children's picture book called "Sally Goes to the Mountains" by Stephen Huneck. c.2001 It's entirely illustrated with color woodblock prints. There are a lot of bold areas of color with white line details. Very simple naive style... the picture of the dog climbing the tree is priceless!


Annie B said...

Thanks, Alexis. I just looked up Huneck and enjoyed his simple folk-like style a lot. I have a labrador retriever myself, so his "Sally" is a familiar character to me!