31 January 2006

Back to the Drawing Board

New Knot Sketch new sketch

I'm going to do a new version of the "Loosen the Knots" print. I really appreciate all the feedback. It helped me realize that although there are some technical problems with the first version (color balance isn't too good and the linework I added at the end is heavy), my main reason for disliking the print is about the content. The print, especially the background, doesn't say what I want it to say. I'm thinking of this knot being in the heart, and that background just didn't look like the heart to me. I also want the birds to be more artful, less graphic.

So I begin again. I've analyzed this sketch for 4 blocks and started carving today. Then I'll do some test prints.

Believe it or not, I test printed the last print too, and I thought it was OK in the tests. I think part of what happened for me on that print was that I was longing to find a process that felt more spontaneous and organic than cutting a block for every color area, so I simplified too much. I did enjoy playing with stenciling. I know that will come in handy again. Meanwhile, I won't be throwing that print away - who knows whether I might grow to love it. Or maybe I'll use it for collage!

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Kathy Kroll said...

Hi Annie,
I love the heart chakra symbol and the new delicate birds. Reading your journal is so inspiring. I'm learning how much effort and patience it takes to learn something new. Am going to Leverett on Fri. Will send energy your way if you are not there.