08 February 2006

A Circular Bokashi


This was hard! I wanted to darken it up around the knot, but not have sharp edges; kind of a soft round bokashi. Using the same block I started with, I put some water on the area I wanted to darken and then added pigment in the middle of the wet area and circled a brush around its center axis to mix the water and ink on the block. It took a few tries to get it looking close to how I wanted it to look, and I had to work to keep the bokashi from spreading too wide as the printing went on.

I've transferred the hourglass shape onto the same block and I'll carve that next for some more printing:



Ellen Shipley said...

This is getting to be so interesting. I'm curious to see where you're going with it. I like the color gradiation.

tom said...

Hi Annie,

This is looking really promising. I like the hourglass motif, makes a lot more sense to me now.

I have toyed with circular bokashi a few times, but I have never come up with a good solution. I've tried making compass-style devices to clamp a brush to, but no good. I would like to have the block on a turntable and just hold the brush down. I'm pretty sure that would work a treat.