07 February 2006

Knot-Block #2


I printed a second block last night. This one was really fun to carve. I was afraid it wouldn't print well, afraid that the wood would swell with the water and close up the fine radiating lines, but it came out pretty well. A couple of blotchy spots, but most will be covered by subsequent printing.

I'm loaded with illustration work this week, so I feel like I'm "stealing" time to work on this print every evening, but I can't stand not to work on it! I'm trying to put the "free" back in "freelance."


Cin said...

wonderful new layers, the progress on this exciting to see!

Carol Gilbert-Wagner said...

Go girl go! I've put your blog on my favorites list.

Carol in Sacramento

tom said...

Hi Annie,

Carving a tight pattern like your spokes throws up special problems with the printing, the tight lines tend to trap ink, and those pesky fibres, creating blots. It is important when carving to think how the brush will be able to clear the ink from these gaps. It is better to carve gentle shallow grooves that bristles can get into. When inking these areas I like to mix my paste and ink away from these areas and try never to flood the grooves. Of course brush away from the constricted parts of the pattern. When printing, too much pressure can also drive the paper into the grooves. It is a delicate balance. It's fun getting it to work. The print is looking good.

JaKo said...

I like your site.It is highly addict, better than thriller movie . What will be tomorrow ?