06 February 2006

Slowly Printing


Here are the first few impressions for the new "Loosen the Knots" print. I printed the pale background color twice. I wanted it to be very pale, but I think it was too pale the first time around. Getting the color balance right is really hard, especially because each new color you add changes the quality of the colors that are already laid down. Maybe someday I'll have enough experience so that it comes more naturally. Or maybe not!

Anyhow, I added the darker green with a stencil. I like using a stencil for these rope pieces because then I'm sure that the white area will register properly for subsequent overprints. If I were to carve the rope strands on several different blocks, I'd be very apt to carve a little differently each time. That might look good on some prints (I like a little misregistration sometimes) but not this one. Here's how the stencil looked on the inked block:


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Cin said...

very much like the subtly of these colors