05 February 2006


My friend Cindy "tagged" me. Being tagged means revealing the intimate details of one's life by answering the questions below. I'm not sure if there's a reward, like when you get a chain letter, but hopefully it will at least be fun.

Four Jobs I’ve Had
1 school bus seat repair person
2 assistant to museum conservator
3 salesperson in a woodstove/fireplace equipment store
4 illustrator

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
1 To Kill A Mockingbird
2 Its A Wonderful Life
3 Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (Spirited Away)
4 Harold and Maude

Four Places I’ve Lived
1 Wynantskill, NY
2 Boston, MA
3 Taos, NM
4 Northampton, MA

Four TV Shows I Love
2 Inside the Actor's Studio
3 (discontinued) Joan of Arcadia
4 (discontinued) Northern Exposure

Four Places I’ve Vacationed
1 Provincetown, MA
2 Loon Lake, NY
3 Tohoku, Japan
4 Cape Hatteras, NC

Four of My Favorite Dishes
1 Green Street Cafe's "pot de creme" (chocolate mousse)
2 unagi donburi (eel on rice)
3 Paul & Elizabeth's veggie pancakes
4 fresh salmon cooked any way

Four Sites I Visit Almost Daily
1 the ispot
2 Learning Daily
3 Drawn!
4 Astro.com Daily Horoscope

Four Places I Would Rather Be Now
1 Japan
2 Provincetown
3 In front of the fireplace
4 Working on a woodblock print

Four Bloggers I Am Tagging
1 Ellen Shipley
2 Nels the Print Geek
3 Terry Miura
4 Andy English


bdelpesco said...

Ooooo, the mention of Paul & Elizabeth's, and Green Street Cafe.... I'm drifting to another time, another home (Crafts Ave), and a wintery walk to town for some soup at P&E's. Thanks for the flash backs, Annie!

Cin said...

oh the things you learn! school bus seat repair person!?

know all the movies (loved Spirited Away! think it's time to watch again) except Harold and Maude, that I've only seen a few moments of, Kim (who tagged me) also choose it, guess I should check it out!

I may be the only person who's never seen even one episoode of CSI! loved Northern Exposure so much!

thanks for answering!