19 May 2006

Really Big Prints

Big Prints

In 1986, Swiss artist Joseph Felix Muller made four giant woodcuts by carving the wood-planked floor of his studio. One of these prints is currently on exhibit through October at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in an exhibit called "Singular Multiples: The Peter Blum Edition Archive, 1980-1994." As you can see in the photos above (from the May/June issue of Art On Paper) the artists used their entire bodies to burnish the prints onto the paper. Video documentation of the process, which must be incredibly entertaining to watch, is on view at the museum (please let me know if you go see it!). A couple of additional photos can be found online here.

A side note: beginning in June, the Quilts of Gees Bend will also be on view at the MFA Houston. I saw the exhibit in Boston, and it's a beautiful show.

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