20 July 2006

Colored Rocks

Today I went back and printed each of the three "rock blocks" again, this time using a baren to apply solid color.


Although I like how this looks right now, recent experience has taught me that later, after I add black, I may very well find these colors to be too pale. I'm beginning to understand that part of the process of making a good print involves going back and reprinting or overprinting or even carving additional blocks. I'm beginning to not simply resign myself to that process, but to enjoy it.


Michael Fraley said...

Very nice, Annie. Since my mindset is so linear (everything is lines, all lines!), I'd appreciate it if you could tell me what sort of carving technique you used to achieve the stone-like grain. I've been trying to figure that out for myself for the new project I've mentioned in the post on my last blog entry at www.onthisblock.blogspot.com. And by the way, the new headshot is quite nice too!

Blair Kelly said...

Hey there Annie...Just checked out your site and i really like your woodblocks, all my work is linocut...I've never actually tried carving into a woodblock because it looks like it would be strenuous... and my hand already hurts from lino..
Anyways, Keep up the good work!
Take Care,
Blair Kelly

Cin said...

I LOVE the the colors, composition, textures of this, the heavy/light (floating!) quality to the rocks, definitely looking forward to the final design :)