26 July 2006

Still At War


A couple of weeks ago I went back to Smith College's Cunningham Center to see some woodcuts by German Expressionist artists -- Kathe Kollwitz, Franz Marc, Ernst Barlach and Lyonel Feininger. Since I don't know much about the German Expressionists, I asked my friend Alan, who does know, to come along with me. His comments were really useful in helping me understand the context from which these pieces arose.

I loved a piece by Lyonel Feininger called Dorf. The composition reminded me of Blanche Lazzell's views of Provincetown which I recently saw. Even more, I found Kathe Kollwitz's powerful depictions of the suffering of war quite chilling. Sadly, these works are just as relevant today as ever.


Michael Fraley said...

Thanks for the post, Annie. I'm a huge fan of Feininger's illustration and cartoon work - and this piece you have for us here reminds me very much of the sort of background he used to use in his "Kin-Der-Kids" comic page in the Chicago Tribune, way back in 1905, I think. During that period, the Tribune was importing some original work from Germany, and Feinginger's was the most successful from that short-lived time so long ago.

Annie B said...

Thanks for the tip, Michael. I didn't know Feininger had done cartoons. I just searched "Kin-der-Kids" in Google Images to get a feel for what you're describing -- very cool comics!