24 September 2006

CWAJ Print Show

Oshio Sae
woodblock and woodblock-based intaglio by Oshio Sae

The Tokyo-based CWAJ (College Women’s Association of Japan) is a "nonprofit volunteer organization of Japanese and non-Japanese women interested in education, cross-cultural exchange, and friendship." Among other activities, CWAJ hosts an annual print show, acknowledged in art circles worldwide as the showcase for contemporary Japanese print art. I just received a beautifully-printed catalog of this year's show, which will be held October 20-22 at the Tokyo American Club. (Instructions for ordering the catalog can be found on the web site.)

In addition to the lovely reproductions of the winning prints, there's a section in the back of the catalog highlighting two young Japanese printmakers who are pushing the boundaries of their printmaking disciplines, Irie Asuka and Oshio Sae. Oshio (print shown above) uses an intaglio process which is somehow printed from the same woodblock as her traditional relief woodcut. If you've been following my blog, you know that I'm curious about how intaglio might be done with wood, so I'm quite interested in Oshio's work. Of course, the catalog doesn't detail her methods and techniques, so I'll be admiringly studying Oshio's prints to see if I can figure out how she does what she does.


Parapluie said...

Stimulating references to rich cultures!! There are some note worthy woodblock artists in Corvallis, Oregon one can be found on the www.pegasusartgallery.com website. I never did many woodblock prints.

blue@blueskystudio said...

great link to the show – I discovered the work of NAKAZAWA Shin-ichi, wonderful! Thankyou so much - at last I find what I have been looking for...

Your block is lovely, and a great resource...