08 September 2006

Thousands of Prints

I've been laid up this week with a bad case of poison ivy that I must have picked up while out walking the dog. It's on my face and way too close to my eyes for my liking. I decided to try to take my mind off the infernal itching with some Internet surfing, and found the web site of the Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial. Sponsored by Tama Art University, this triennial is an invitational print competition and literally thousands of the prints have been digitized for online viewing. You can look at the prints by artist name, artist location, print type or subject. I can personally vouch for the fact that viewing these prints will provide hours of relief from whatever ails you.


Cin said...

oh Annie I'm so sorry this happened to you! owwwwww I'm hurting with you just thinking of it, hope you have lots of cortizone cream at hand!! many thanks for the print site, I'm going to peek, take care, get better quick!!

k baxter packwood said...

TechNu Soap get, it'll be better in hours. Also it's a liquid wash your clothes in this soap as the poison ivy can stay on the clothes upwards of six months, even after repeated washings.

I'm severely allergic to poison ivy, so you have my greatest sympathy

Annie B said...

Thanks to you both for your good wishes. Things are much better now that some time has passed. Nasty stuff, that poison ivy!