29 October 2006

Drypoint With a Baren

I've found that printmakers are an especially generous breed, helpful and eager to share tips and techniques, and printmaker Meredith Broberg, who taught this weekend's "Printing With Plastic" workshop, was no exception. Since I've been working with map imagery lately in my woodblocks, I tried working with a map in drypoint. The prints below are based on a satellite view of Lhasa, Tibet.



Both plates combined:

Although the workshop was conducted using presses, I brought my ball-bearing baren so I could try it out with drypoint and intaglio inks. Here is a portion of a print made on the press:


And here's the same plate printed by hand with the baren:


There's a lot more plate tone and the lines are not as strong and sharp, but the image is certainly readable. I'm very encouraged about the possibility of combining intaglio on plastic with my woodblocks.


Anonymous said...

Like you, Annie, I'm encouraged that prints can be pulled with a baren. How much pressure did you need to use compared to relief printing? What inks were used? Was the paper damp? Sounds like I should be taking the course, too! Lucky you!

Annie B said...

Hi Diane,

Sorry for leaving out the best details! For the baren print, the paper was damp, I used Akua Color Intaglio Ink, and I applied quite a lot of pressure.

Phare-Camp said...

nice work with the carborundum. I tried once but was not so successful. Lots of pressure huh? And with a ball bearing baren...I think I'll stick to a press then; for intaglio that is, woodcuts will always get the traditional handmade bamboo baren...I just love the feel of it in my hand!

Anonymous said...

Jeeze - i just lost the comment I wrote when I had to sign in via the new Blogger Buzz thingy !!!

Anyway hi there - say I recognize this image because I have seen it on Flickr. Are you by any chance in the printmaking group?
Your blog looks really interesting well done.

thats it for now