31 October 2006

More Progress

Happy halloween!

Here are shots of today's printing session.


This last green block adds so much definition. It really makes it a map. More layers still to come.


Cin said...

more? looks like all that difficult carving has printed beautifully, so curious to see the final, the colors are beautiful!

Ellen Shipley said...

Incredible. And still more coming?!

Anonymous said...


This print is really amazing. I am a member of the baren forum and have been checking out your blog for a while. Simply amazing work!!!I really, really like you latest print. The colors and detail are incredible.

I'm a block printer too. I live in Northern RI. Thanks for sharing!

- Ian Millard

tom said...

Very impressive Annie,

I'm hoping this print is for the Iraq exchange co-ordinated by Maria. In which case I am in luck.

Annie B said...

Thank you all for your comments. Tom, unfortunately this print is not for the Iraq exchange. Although this edition is bigger than I've done lately, I can't seem to make an edition as big as needed for an exchange (25+) and still enjoy the process.

Lena said...