20 December 2006

A River Runs Through Her

... and so does a line!

I've had some unexpected free time this week, so I started carving blocks for the Darfur print. Here's the basic form - a woman's body, which will have map elements inside the shape. Notice the horizontal line just below the woman's throat. That's a defect in the deeper layers of the plywood. Fortunately, since this block doesn't involve any fine detail, the defect didn't cause any carving problems for me.

This is the largest block I've used to date, 14" x 18". Any bigger and I'll have to use a different method to duplicate and color-separate my drawings, as my laser printer only prints a maximum page size of 11" x 17".

1 comment:

aA said...

ok, although "moku hanga" sounds like a medical problem, your prints involving this method are very nice! I like the choice of color for your pig, you did well.

i stumbled on your blog, but i will be back. i used to be an artist, but now i'm a hack designer. i long to draw again, but it seems i am always pressed for time.

adulthood is a curse!