15 January 2007

Five Blocks Ready


I've carved five blocks for my Darfur print. I plan to also add two plastic plates, which I'll be preparing in the next couple of days. The plastic plates will require a press, so I've made an appointment to go to Zea Mays studio to use a press on January 24. That leaves me just 10 days to get all the woodblocks printed before I go into the studio, so I'd better get to work!


annie_b_good said...

Very nice looking blocks! It's neat to watch the process.

Also, it's interesting how you made the background disappear from your picture of your five blocks (I'm new to wood blocking as well as digital photography).

Annie B said...

Hi annie b good,
Thanks for your comment! The white background is pretty easy to do if you have access to a program like Photoshop.