10 May 2007

400 Square Feet of Studio Space!


My partner and I just found out that our offer has been accepted on a condominium unit in the building above. The building is an old schoolhouse, built in 1928. Included in the unit is 400 square feet of raw studio space! Looks like we'll be selling our current house and moving in July. I'll show some photos of the studio once I have the opportunity to get in there to see it again.

All the real estate bustle has kept me from printing my latest set of blocks, though. Last night I did a quick test on some newsprint because I couldn't stand to wait any longer. Here's what happened:


I like it so far. It resembles how I felt after seeing the Dalai Lama yesterday!


Kris Shanks said...

Congratulations on the new digs! I can't wait to see more.

Sue said...

The test proof looks extremely promising, the way you've sponged the colour over the swirls is so texturally rich. Yum!
Your new pad looks nice too. I look forward to being extremely envious of your studio space! ;-)

Diane Cutter said...

Annie... the print is coming along beautifully! And congratulations on the new location. I love it!

janey said...

I love the colors and the swirly lines. And a big congrats on your new home. 400 sq ft? There are going to be lots of envious people looking at those photos.

Annie B said...

Thanks for the well wishes, friends.

Ellen Shipley said...

What a kewl building. I'm already envious!

BTW, you've been tagged. ;-] It's a game going around the art blogs (if you want to play). Just list seven things about yourself, seven bloggers whose sites you visit, and let'em know about it.

Click back thru to see the rules and learn odd facts about folks. ;-j

m.Lee said...

I officially hate you now. 400 square feet of studio space! Man I so need to leave the city!

The print is beautiful, very ethernal.

Annie B said...

Thanks, Marissa. Once you see the condition of the studio space you might not be quite so jealous; it needs a lot of work!