03 July 2007

Another Direction

Starting back at this point in the print progression:


I went on to add the outlines of the heads, this time in a dark gray. I used stencils, which caused the ink to "squish" out along the stencil edges as you can see here:


Then I added the energy swirl pattern on top for a different look:


Here are all four of the variations:


I don't like this version as well as I like the previous blue and yellow version, but I'm having fun experimenting no matter what the results.


m.Lee said...

I like them all but I think I would like it best without the heads. Like the first variation with the swirls on top. That would be so gorgeous!

Annie B said...

Mmmm, yes, that's a good idea. There's something very compelling about that swirl pattern, isn't there?

Diane Cutter said...

Although these are nice, after seeing the first 'heads' (which were so much more subtle) I'm not wild about the very dark ink. I think it detracts too much from the print. I preferred the more subtle 'message' of the first set of four. Maybe a lighter ink?

Annie B said...

I agree, Diane. These are my least favorite and I think it's the gray/black that's not working.

Rachel said...

I think the problem may be the "outline effect". It interupts the flow of the images--sort of like a break in the meditative calm that is present in the previous variation. It also focuses the viewer's attention more on the human form than on the life energies you're representing elsewhere...
That my opinion. :)