10 July 2007

Same Old Block

Got up early this morning to work on my "Stop and Smell" print before it got too hot (current temperature is 92°F/33°C). I'm enjoying using the same blocks over and over again in different ways. Since every block prints differently, depending both on how it's carved as well as the properties of the particular piece of wood itself, I'm getting to really know each block well.

This is the energy/egg block printed as a background for one of the heads. I built the color up slowly, so this photo is the result of 3 passes. You can see that I left an area in the center, where the face will be, unprinted. I also used a stencil to block out an area at the bottom where I want a white collar to appear.



Sharri said...

it is wonderful to watch the way you explore. You are a woman after my own heart! A friend commented that she could spend a fortune (if she had one) between your site and mine. I told her to start buying lottery tickets with all of her money!

Annie B said...

Thanks, Sharri. The possibilities do seem endless, don't they? Seems like every new idea leads to another...
Nice feedback from your friend. :)

Rachel said...

ooooh interesting! I cant wait to see how it shows up on paper.