05 February 2008

British Prints at Boston MFA

"Speed Trial" 1932 Cyril E. Power

"The Tube Train" 1934 Cyril E. Power

Rhythms of Modern Life: British Prints 1914-1939
On display through June 2008 at Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Featuring approximately one hundred lithographs, etchings, woodcuts and color linocuts by fourteen artists, "Rhythms of Modern Life: British Prints 1914-1939" examines the impact of Futurism and Cubism on British Modernist printmaking from the beginning of World War I to the beginning of World War II. Represented artists include David Bomberg, Paul Nash, C.R.W. Nevinson, previously blogged Sybil Andrews, Claude Flight, Cyril Power, and Lill Tschudi. The show covers a turbulent time period when technology was transforming European life at a rapid rate that was both intoxicating and frightening, and both the enthusiasm and the dread that accompanied these changes can be seen in the prints. Most of the prints shown are polychrome linocuts and woodcuts.


david santos said...

Good work, Annie.
Nice pictues.
have a good day

MAGPRINTOriginalPrints said...

Love the prints from this time period.

Magic Cochin said...

Do you know, I'm tempted to book a holiday in Boston so I can visit this exhibition (...I think Cliff may "smell a rat" or "suspect a gallery visit" but he's tolerent chap!). I've had a quick 'google' and found a catalogue for sale. I love the graphic works from this era, thanks for sharing this with everyone.


Magic Cochin said...

...couldn't resist, I've just ordered the catalogue :)


Annie B said...

Hi David.
Magprints, me too.
Celia,I'm glad you found a way to see this exhibit, although I'm sorry you won't be hopping the pond to do it. I would have enjoyed meeting up with you in Boston!