23 February 2008

Matt Brown Moku Hanga Workshops (MA & NH)

Moku hanga printmaker Matt Brown will be teaching three 3-day workshops this spring in Massachusetts and New Hampshire:

April 11-13 at Concord Art Association, Concord MA
April 25-27 at Snow Farm, Williamsburg MA
May 30-June 1 at his studio in Lyme NH

Matt was the teacher who introduced me to moku hanga in 2005. I got a lot of mileage out of that workshop!


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie - I'm a member of the CAA and soooooooo tempted by this workshop. I keep thinking of you and your work when I see the notices.

Annie B said...

Hi Jenn,

Taking Matt's workshop would certainly be a great opportunity to get well-acquainted with moku hanga in a short time without a big investment in tools, without all the trial and error of trying to teach yourself, and with lots of support. Let me know if you do it!

Diana Paul said...

Hi Annie!

I don't think you should post comments by "anonymous" investors with tips for off-shore asset management. These could be scams, Ponzi schemes, and/or other horrific "opportunities". Besides, your blog is all about your wonderful knowledge and experience as a printmaker. Delete the hype that is outside your domain of expertise.

Annie B said...

Thanks Diana. Spam duly noted and deleted.
Recently a spate of spam comments have been passing through the filters without my knowledge, so I appreciate being told about them.