21 August 2008

China Mountains

In this print I want the area above the Great Wall to look like snowy mountains, so I start with the satellite map screen capture I showed you yesterday:


and I open it in Photoshop. Photoshop is an amazing program that I firmly believe can do anything at all, but what I want to do here is very simple. I want to carve a block that will print the shadows of the mountains and leave the rest of the paper white and snow-like. So I use Photoshop's "Threshold" slider which converts the image to stark black and white and play with the amount until I get the look I want:


Then I print it out. In this case I print it on 3 tabloid size sheets of paper and tape them together because the print image area is 14" x 22" (35.5 x 56 cm). I trace the design onto the block using carbon paper and I'm ready to start carving:



Leslie Moore said...

I love seeing your step-by-step process and hearing what goes on in your mind. Can't wait for the next installment!

MaRegina said...

fantastic work!

d. moll, l.ac. said...

I like the way the cultivated side looks like a giant thumb print.

Jo Horswill said...

There's amazing work here. I am so thrilled I found you.
I love your amazing blog...will look forward to reading my way through.

Annie B said...

Thanks all. Diana, I love that you saw that thumb print! Thanks for pointing it out.