06 August 2008

More Uses for Rejected Prints

Previously I blogged about making business cards from less-than-perfect prints rather than throwing them away. Today I used some of the rejected Three Prophets prints to make labels for the portfolios that I'll be picking up tomorrow.

First I carved a small block (this is 4" x 6") with the title. Backwards, of course. Then I marked the centerlines in pencil.


Next I cut up some of the old prints. The final labels will be 2-1/4" x 3-1/2" so I cut the paper about an inch larger than that, to be trimmed down after printing. I marked the centerlines on the backs of the labels as well so that I could line them up with the marks on the block.


Here are the printed labels.


I'll wait until tomorrow when I have the folios in hand before I trim the labels down, just to be sure the dimensions are correct. Then I'll glue the labels onto the folio fronts.


Leslie Moore said...

Hhhhmmmm What a good idea! Can't wait to see the folios.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Great! I too am looking for something to do with my rejects (in my case they are practice). I did think I might collage on some of them....