04 August 2008

Show In Seattle


Another announcement for this fall that I'm very excited about: from September 4 through November 1, 2008, I'll be having a show at Cullom Gallery in Seattle. Cullom Gallery is a small gallery located on the mezzanine of Davidson Galleries (a gallery devoted to antique to contemporary prints) in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood. Owner and director Beth Cullom opened Cullom Gallery just last year, but she's been involved in the Japanese print world since 1994, when she started working at Carolyn Staley - Fine Japanese Prints first as a Gallery Assistant and later as Manager and Assistant Director. Cullom Gallery offers ukiyo-e, modern and contemporary Japanese prints and other works on paper, and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to show my work there.

Needless to say, I've been very busy this summer preparing for the show. Later this week I'll be visiting a local bookbinder to pick up some hand-made portfolios for my Three Prophets triptych that I can't wait to show you, and I hope to finish one more new print before September 4. (We'll see about that!) I'll be visiting Seattle in October and will be giving an artist's talk on Saturday October 4, so I hope all of you Washingtonians will come and say hello when I'm there!

Do check out the Cullom Gallery web site this month (or the gallery if you're nearby) -- there's an exhibit right now of a suite of 11 woodcuts by Naoko Matsubara called Solitude, inspired by Henry David Thoreau's essay of the same name. The prints are simple and beautiful.


Pistoles Press said...

Congrats, Annie! You must be very excited at the prospect of showing! I know I get wound tight and rush around the studio like a crazy woman. Thanks for the link to the gallery too! To see the works of past and present artists who have shown there is a real treat. Can't wait to see your work featured among them!

Leslie Moore said...

How exciting, Annie! I WILL be in the Pacific Northwest in September, albeit on a boat for most of ten days. However, I fly into and out of Seattle, so I'll see if I can't make a detour to the Cullom Gallery. The Matsubara exhibit is spectacular. I love the Thoreau quotations that go along with each print.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Congrats on the show, would love to come and visit, at least it's on the right coast (actually the left coast as you look at the map)....Though quite bit north for a comfortable drive....Anyway how fabulous!

Annie B said...

Thanks for the congratulations. Isn't the Gallery web site nice? Lana, yes, running around a little bit for sure. Leslie, I hope you'll tell Beth that we "know" each other if you get a chance to visit. And Diana, definitely a far piece to drive all the way from CA, but thanks for the thought. (I get so confused when the ocean is on the left!)

Tibi said...

Congratulations!!! Too bad I can't be in Seattle to see them. The Bethlehem print was impressive seen 'live' in Richmond.