29 September 2008

Great Wall - First Printing Session

I finally got those zeros and ones carved over the weekend, and this morning I printed both the mountain and binary blocks:


Then I added a bokashi across the top to complete a snowy mountain scene:


There will be some characters in this space added later, but first I'll be working on the bottom portion of the print. I hope to get a little more done tomorrow before I head out to Seattle on Wednesday.


Sharri said...

It is always fun to watch your blocks develop. I so wish I could take a quick trip up to Seattle for your show, but I still don't have post-surgery driving clearance, and get the wobblies every now and then, so I guess I won't make it. Here's to a great show, anyway!

Annie B said...

I wish you could come, Sharri! I'd so love to meet you in person. Wishing you and your wobblies a speedy recovery.