05 September 2008

NY Art Exhibit - China's Revolution


The New York Times has an online slide show about an exhibit at the Asia Society called "Art and China's Revolution" that has some great graphics from the 1949-1979 Cultural Revolution. An accompanying article describes some of the difficulties encountered in mounting the show, including a last-minute refusal by the Chinese government to supply some promised works.

The show is a great reminder that images are incredibly powerful. China is not the first or the last society to harness that power to try to manipulate the thinking of its people.


d. moll, l.ac. said...

Thanks for this, indeed it is a good reminder that a big part of politics is image and manipulation of the public. OTOH politics has birthed some stunning works, I think of Cuban graphics, Diego Rivera's work for the Mexican Independence, USSR, and of course WPA......

Heliotrope05 said...
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