23 October 2008

Smith College Print Shop

Peter Pettengill

Master printer Peter Pettengill of Wingate Studio working on a plate at Smith College, Northampton MA. Peter is working with Jiha Moon, visiting artist for the 2008-2009 Smith College Print Workshop. The three-day print session is open to the public, so I've been visiting for an hour or so each day to watch the progress. Here are a few photos of what's going on there.

Jiha Moon working on an aquatint plate.

Raphael Griswold of Wingate Studio hand wiping Jiha Moon's aquatint plate. When it comes to his own work, Rafi does woodcuts so we bonded over that. I was impressed when he told me that he worked with moku hanga artist Keiji Shinohara at Wesleyan University.

Jillian Dy of Wingate Studio applying some stop-out to Jiha Moon's sugarlift plate before it goes in the acid bath. Jillian was very patient in explaining the sugarlift process to me.

Raphael setting up the inked aquatint plate on the press bed to take a proof. Behind Raphael in the plaid shirt is Dwight Pogue, Founder/Director of the Smith College Print Workshops.

I plan to go back tomorrow for day #3 and will post a few more photos, hopefully of the finished piece.

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Cin said...

watching them make those prints would be my idea of fun too :)