15 December 2009

The "10" Portfolio

The print I'm currently working on, Ten Little Nine Little, will be an edition of 25 prints plus 5 artist's proofs. Those of you who know my work know that I don't often do editions of more than 15 or so, but this print run is larger because the print will be part of a portfolio called "10." Here's the description from the Zea Mays Printmaking December newsletter:
To celebrate our ten-year anniversary, we're publishing our third print portfolio, aptly titled "10". This portfolio is limited in edition to 25 and will include prints by invited artist faculty members... It will feature an introductory essay by art historian, Craig Harbison, which will be letterpress printed by Michael Russem of Kat Ran Press. He'll also be printing the title page, colophon and individual artist folios. The container will be designed and built by Sarah Creighton, Bookbinder. We'll be premiering it at the Southern Graphics Council Conference in Philadelphia in March. We'll also be showing it in the Spring at A.P.E. gallery in Northampton.
I'm delighted to be a participant in this folio. Here's a list of the other ten artists:

Liz Chalfin
Meredith Broberg
Nancy Diessner
Anita S. Hunt
Louise Kohrman
Barry Moser
Lynn Peterfreund
Joyce Silverstone
Carol Wax
Mark Zunino

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