19 October 2010

A Few Seattle Pix

Lynn and I were very remiss in our picture-taking while we were in Seattle for the "We Are Pilgrims" opening, but gallery director Beth Cullom took a lot of pictures (and she has a really nice camera) so I'll let you know once she's posted hers. Meanwhile, here are a few teasers.

This was the first time I ever had my name up on the wall in vinyl. A nice Helvetica-like font.


Lynn & I arrived early on opening night and I naturally gravitated toward Beth's awesome collection of books about Japanese woodblock prints. I could definitely spend several days just sitting here geeking out on those books. (And that's Eva Pietzcker's work behind me on the stand.)

The work looked great, well lit and dressed in simple wood frames. By the end of the night there were quite a few red dots!

Thanks, Beth, for a really nice opening.


Carol Chapel said...

Red Dots! That's wonderful. I hope you're enjoying every minute.

Magic Cochin said...

You name BIG on a wall - Woooo-hooo Annie!

Your prints look fabulous in those frames - the colours really sing out. Hope you feel well and truly chuffed.


Kim Rosen said...

Congrats Annie! The show looks wonderful. How cool to have your name up on the wall!

Tibi said...

Congratulations!!! The work&presentation look great.

Andrew Stone said...

Dear Annie, Your work looks stunning in the gallery setting.
The print in the window with the Mayflower and that great starry blue sky would have gotten me into the gallery, even if I didn't know your work.
Congratulations on the sales but more importantly congratulations on the body of work.

I'm jealous.


Ellen Shipley said...

This is wonderful Annie! Your name on the wall. 8-] Heady. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...


Wendy Willis said...

Sounds like a wonderful show experience. Wish I could have seen it in person. Congratulations.

betsy best-spadaro said...

Congratulations Annie! I am so sorry to have missed your opening and demonstration, but i will definitely visit the gallery to see your exhibit very soon! Great pictures!

Katka said...

The window display looks fantastic as does the show. What a fitting tribute to such a great body of work. Your red dots are well deserved Annie.