19 December 2010

The Green Line


Last week I finished carving the Islamic pattern for the Palestinian territories and also the "Green Line." The Green Line, so called because green ink was used when it was first marked on a map, refers to the lines of demarcation that were agreed upon in the 1949 Armistice between Israel and its neighbors after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The Green Line is not a definitive and legal international border, but in practice it defines those areas which are administered by the State of Israel and those which are administered by the Israeli military or the Palestinian National Authority.

The area I've focused on in this print is a portion of the West Bank where Israeli settlement incursions have penetrated deeply into lands east of the Green Line. Because these settlements consume land where a Palestinian state could emerge, they have made it extremely difficult for a two-state peace solution between Israel and Palestine to be achieved. The settlements also antagonize Israel's Arab neighbors and erode some of the support Israel receives from United States. But perhaps most importantly, some argue that the settlements are a real threat to Israel's democracy because they set up an untenable situation where Jews who live east of the Green Line in the West Bank are voting citizens of Israel while Palestinians living in the same land are not. Human Rights Watch has just published a report examining these separate and unequal policies in the West Bank.

The photo above shows the print-in-progress as it stands now, with 11 layers of color. There are still about 5 more layers to come. Here's a shot of the Islamic pattern before I printed it:



Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

This is looking really wonderful Annie and I am enjoying watching you progress with it. As well as your writing.

Melissa West said...

I so enjoy seeing and reading about your progress. Excellent thoughtful commentary, as usual. Thanks.

Kim Rosen said...

This is amazing Annie. I just cannot get over your carving skills. Beautiful!

John Steins said...

Without completely understanding the complexities of the situation I'm compelled to think that Israel is behaving badly towards the Palestinians.

Thank you for using your art and talent to bring focus to this travesty.

I really believe that in addition to serving beauty, an artist has a certain obligation to serve justice as well.

Liz said...

the photo of the carved block looks so much like the desert landscape that is Israel/Palestine. The physicality of it is awesome.


I totally agree with what John said. I think it is scary to see what is happening over there when we have fought so hard to make all people free in the U.S. (however not in all the countries that we occupy).

It is always scary when we live in a world of us and them, which ever side we may see ourselves.

Aljazeera has a lot of interesting journalism about that area of the world.

Blessing to you. I love your writing.