09 January 2011

Kite Almost Done

Just a quick post to show the progress I made over the weekend on the Blessings Kite.

The next step was to carve away the areas of the sleeve that would stay lighter in tone.

I then printed a darker orange color to give the sleeve some more definition.

I carved away all the hand areas next so I could start printing the background. Notice that I did leave some of the linework at the center of the hand. That part will remain un-inked when I print but will support the paper to keep it from sagging into the carved out area.

I printed a gray halo around the hand to darken the next layer of color.

Then I printed a blue-to-yellow circular bokashi over the entire background.

This afternoon I've been carving the cloud patterns. This is the last of the carving. One more layer of color will finish the print.


Ellen Shipley said...

So much for one block. ;-> Looks great.

Anonymous said...


Terry Peart said...

I love your process pictures.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Love it!!

Linda Beeman said...

I can't wait to see mine, yours, all of them flying around the skies of Kyoto! (ok, ceilings!!)
Linda B.

Annie B said...

Linda, I can't wait to see them either -- a room full of kites. Thanks everyone. And Anonymous, if by "eww" you mean that it looks ugly, that's all part of the printmaking process. A lot of the intermediate steps don't look too great.

Pistoles Press said...

Love the gray before the blue. Very clever! It's going to be wonderful!