03 March 2011

A New Printmaking Blog

Dear Blog Readers,

I'm on a tear in my studio, but it's not woodblock. Got two massive commercial jobs going on, so my "river carving" is sitting in the corner taunting me.

But here's a little something you might be interested in -- a new printmaking blog called The Wandering Printmaker. Blog author John Pyper, who is also a contributor on the Printeresting blog, reviews print shows, posts calls for entry and generally geeks out on prints. Check him out.

yours in print-geekiness,


1 comment:

Anita Thomhave Simonsen said...

i can imagine that it is sad if you wanted to really work on the river carving...but you´ll be back and I will look forward to that ....hope you have some pleasant time on the other work also.. :O)