31 December 2011

Happy Year of the Dragon

2011. What a challenging, strange, difficult and sometimes wonderful year. Here in New England we had big snow, tons of rain, a tornado, a hurricane that washed out roads, and a freak October blizzard that felled many beautiful old trees (Lynn and I spent thousands of our 2011 dollars dealing with water and weather issues). I attended an unsettling number of funerals this year, and watched some friends, including friends in Japan, go through difficult times. In the political world there were revolutions and protests everywhere, and here in the U.S. the sudden urgency of Occupy Wall Street. Meanwhile, the economy continues to feel frighteningly unstable.

Yet 2011 wasn't all bad. I got to go to Japan for the First International Mokuhanga Conference in 2011. I started a new print series that looks like it will continue well into 2012. My family and I are all healthy and employed and doing OK, and I have a large "family" of friends as well. I'm grateful to have good people in the river with me as we ride these waves of change together.

Overall I'm glad to see 2011 go. But I worry that 2012 won't be any easier, and when I found out that 2012 is The Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac my uneasiness was not relieved. This article in the Japan Times echoes my own feelings about 2012. The author writes,
The year of the dragon, which is now very nearly upon us, certainly looks to be a year that will bear all of the fearsome characteristics of its zodiac namesake. It seems to me that much of what happened this year had the air of a preview, or a rehearsal perhaps, for the actual drama set to unfold next year.
I hope that's not true, but just in case, I'm cultivating my warrior spirit. For me, that means resolving to keep my body healthy and in shape, to stay flexible and open to spontaneity and surprise, to stay close to my loved ones, and to use my resources wisely. For my Year of the Dragon nengajou postcard (above) I decided that rather than picturing the dragon I'd focus on the knight/warrior who faces the dragon, not knowing if it's friend or foe, not knowing what will be demanded in the encounter. You may recognize the "fire" that tickles the knight's face -- it's from the print I made earlier this year called Great Wave. The curlicue design is from the back of a US $1 bill.

I wish us all courage, wisdom and, yes, joy as we face this new year. Let us find rest and comfort in one another and let us learn, finally, that we're in this together.

love, Annie


Wendy Willis said...

Thank you so much Annie. I appreciate your review of 2011 and your bravery and optimism. I too am an optimist, even finding that we need to downsize to a smaller home. I am sad to leave this house we love but excited to begin the next chapter in our lives. I will keep in mind though, that it is the year of the dragon and try to keep myself open to whatever 2012 throws our way.

Annie B said...

Wendy, we had to downsize a few years ago and it was sad, but we're very happy in our new little house. I hope your transition is smooth. Happy new year!

Katka said...

A lovely and thoughful message Annie. Thank you.

In spiritual alchemy, the dragon represents "boundless unstructured energy and the primordial life force". To face the dragon means to "seize life" and the aim, for spiritual transformation, is to seek out the dragon, face it, and accept it. Somehow I don't get a feeling this an easy thing to do...

I too have concerns about the year to come. There is so much instability everywhere it's hard to shake the sense of dark clouds gathering up ahead still. But I really like your idea of the "warrior spirit" approach. We too are striving to get stronger this year in all ways. Just in case...

All the very best to you.


Andrew Stone said...

Dear Annie,

Do not fear the dragon,
Beware instead those who will sell us swords, shields and armour and bang on the drums of war and fear and make us believe that the dragon is our foe.
Work on the garden. Food in the yard may be a good investment.

Happy New Year to you. One of the highlights of 2011 was getting to meet you in person.

Annie B said...

Thank you for the great information about the Dragon in alchemy. Primordial life force -- that's big. And awesome. And I want it! Happy happy new year to you.

Yes, you're right about those ones who sell us war and fear. Will you teach me to garden? I need to work on my relationship with plants. I wish you an amazing new year. And I too am so grateful that I got to meet you and hang out with you in Japan. It was really special.