29 September 2012

Preparations for Amherst Biennial

My latest artist task has been framing the nine Mixed Feelings prints for the Amherst Biennial, which begins next weekend. My work will be hanging at Hope and Feathers Gallery for the duration of the biennial:

Amherst Biennial, October 6 - November 30, 2012
Hope and Feathers Gallery
319 Main Street, Amherst
Hours: M-F, 10:00-6:00; Th 10:00-8:00; Sat 10:00-4:00

There will be an opening reception at Hope & Feathers (and around the city) on Saturday, October 6, from 5:00-8:00 pm.


Framing has never been my favorite part of being an artist, but I kind of enjoyed the task this past week. Maybe that's because I'm still in a transition place as far as knowing where I’m headed next in my work, so framing gave me a feeling of accomplishment even as I wait for the muse to point me in a new direction.

I finally heard the small still voice of the muse on Thursday telling me to purchase some small pieces of wood and a few sheets of new paper, so I ordered some 8" x 10" blocks of shina plywood and some Nishinouchi paper from McClain's. The supplies will be here on Friday, and by then I hope the muse will have filled me in on what we’ll be doing!


Amanda said...

Wow! Your muse orders supplies too. Often mine sends me in totally new directions - I'm very surprized to find myself trying embroidery at the moment!

Annie B said...

Hi Amanda! Nice to hear your voice. This is the first time the muse has specifically told me to get supplies, so I'm intrigued. Embroidery. Sounds great to me!