27 February 2013

After Da Vinci

They say that Leonardo Da Vinci may have painted himself into “The Last Supper,” not once but twice, so I'm in good company. I carved myself into this depiction of the mourners of the Thirteenth Station.


I've never done an overt self-portrait in my work before. That's me, wiping away a tear, crying for my friend Joe Kelly. I modeled the figure on one of “The Mourners,” a collection of 15th century alabaster tomb sculptures from France that I saw a couple of years ago at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

As I was carving the last reduction for this piece, I took a break to get a beverage, and when I walked past the bathroom I saw this:

I think Ty The Yellow Lab wanted his portrait in this print, too.

Added later: Friends on Facebook have suggested that Ty may have been trying to hide out after surreptitiously imbibing from the bowl. Quite possible.


Andrew Stone said...

A very powerful and provocative piece, (with or without the dog).
The use of the negative space/Christ silhouette with the names showing through is very moving.
It is very "beautiful" too which is unsettling.
Works and resonates on so many levels.
Good, good work.

Annie B said...

Thank you, Andrew. I struggled with the "beautiful" part, and for a while I considered adding blood somehow, but it all looked too forced and tawdry. So I decided to let it be beautiful, sort of like how war memorials are treated. Thanks for commenting about that.

Martha Knox said...

Stunning, powerful piece. I think you made the right choice in keeping it "beautiful". The pain of loss wouldn't hurt if there wasn't so much love and beauty that came before it.