14 May 2013

Class Picture


Still working on the introductory section of my book God Is Our Witness -- the loneliness and alienation chapter. My own loneliness as a child was partly nature, as I'm an introvert, but also nurture in that I grew up living on the grounds of a state-operated school for delinquent girls. Nobody wants to live next door to what is basically a prison for children, so the facility was located in a remote / rural area in upstate New York. My father was the director of the school, and both my parents were trained social workers. They knew that my sister and I could easily become "institutionalized," so they made every effort to take us to events, play dates, etcetera, but I always felt jealous of kids who lived in actual neighborhoods and could just walk out their door and find playmates.


I was not as moody and glum as the child I've pictured here, but I think many LGBTQ youth can identify with this feeling.

Technically, this is a simple print. I used two blocks, one for the background and one reduction block for the child, and just four color applications.

Next there will be a couple of transitional prints leading into a new section of the book.


Roberta said...

You have an interesting narrative that informs this piece. I am glad to have found your blog.

Andrew Stone said...

This is a beautiful piece.
Even without your narrative it is very still and sad.
It will touch anyone who has ever felt like they don't belong.
The wine colored background is an interesting choice.
It feels very important and absolutely right.
I can't say why.

Annie B said...

Thanks Roberta. Pleased to meet you, too.

Andrew, it's interesting to hear your thoughts about the color. For the most part, I have no idea why I use the colors I use, which is kind of funny since I always have so many explanations for why I use the imagery I use. I was thinking of you and your latest print this afternoon, because my next print depends on correctly overprinting three colors to create new ones.

Lisa Toth said...

This is a very powerful pirint and the image is one, I'm sure, that taps into the feeling of isolation many children experience. Brings back memories for me of some very lonely times in different schools . A beautiful and moving print.

Annie B said...

Thanks so much, Lisa.

acwwoodcuts said...

Both in print and in prose; you couldn't have expressed it any better. It makes you stop and look.