01 July 2013

D.I.Y. Ledger Paper


Today I carved the portion of the piece that I’m making for the Re-Riding History project that will be printed -- the “ledger paper.” I want this piece to look like a real Plains ledger drawing, so I plan to print the part that would have been printed and draw the part that would have been drawn. I’ll do the drawing with colored pencil as the captured warrior artists would have done. I also want to make several copies, so it will be a small variable edition -- variable because of the hand drawing and coloring. I’ve got 8 sheets of paper prepped for this.

Ledgers often have numbered pages, so I carved a number, 1875. That's the year that the 72 Plains warriors were captured and moved to Fort Marion in Florida. Tomorrow I’ll print this in a fairly pale blue.

1 comment:

Bonnie Samuel said...

I know you tribute to the Indians through ledger art will be really spectacular....and terrific example of art as social commentary. Can't wait to see it!