10 November 2013

Welcome to Nonotuck Opening

The opening for my "Welcome to Nonotuck" show this past Friday at Historic Northampton Museum was great! Attendance was beyond expectations (Historic Northampton said it was the largest opening they've had so far) and many dear friends and family came to show their support. I was so pleased.

The show is up until December 6, 2013, so if you're in the area during the Thanksgiving holidays I hope you'll stop in to see it! Also see fellow woodblock artist William Evertson's review of the show on his blog.

Here are some photos:

This map of the home lots of the first settlers greets visitors at the door to the gallery.

I also created five prints based on grave markers from Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton's oldest burial ground.

A wall of prints about the Puritan settlers of Massachusetts.

And a wall of prints about the native Americans who lived in Massachusetts during the influx of colonial settlers from Europe in 17th century

I selected five native American artifacts from the museum's collection, stone tools that were found within the city limits, just to drive home the fact that these lands were inhabited for centuries before the Europeans arrived.

A few more Pilgrim prints on the back wall, plus the blocks that I used to create the print on the left, called "American Bible Story."

Another view of the blocks.

The opening was crowded all night. It was a little bit like hosting an open house at someone else's house. Very fun.

I was so happy that my sister could come. She brought my 87-year-old mom with her.

Up until now, my mother has considered the pinnacle of my career to be an illustration I did a number of years ago about 'staycations' that was published in Good Housekeeping, a magazine to which she subscribes. I think that this show might have become her new benchmark, though!

Thanks to everyone who came on opening night! And I hope you'll come and visit the museum this month if you couldn't make it on Friday.


Victoria said...

A great show, with one of my favourite of your prints visible (the pilgrim sinking below the ship). Nice to 'meet' your mother too. Congratulations.

Annie B said...

Thanks Vicki!

Celia Hart said...

Your exhibition looks so interesting and inviting - I wish I could visit.

Sharri said...

What a great idea to mount the blocks near the print. Congratulations on a great show - and enjoyed meeting your mom, too!

Anita Thomhave Simonsen said...

congrats on this show.....the photos shows very good so many of your great prints...and so nice seeing a photo of both your mother and your sister....good thoughts to you and the show...:O)


Annie B said...

Thanks everyone. I wish you all could come!