08 July 2005

Daibutsu Test Print

Here's a test print of the three Kamakura Daibutsu blocks. I see some places that need work with the knife and I want to adjust the colors a bit, but I'm very pleased overall. This isn't the paper that I'm going to use for the final print; I plan to use Rives Heavyweight, which is what my teacher Matt Brown uses. This is some Canson paper that I got at my local art store. They told me that it was for printmaking and could be dampened, but I tried it on a failed print (that I'll tell you about later!) and didn't care for it. The texture seems too rough to me, it fell apart under the pressure of the baren and it didn't take moisture evenly. But I'm using it for proofing because I can't stand to waste it.

I plan to print the full edition sometime next week, so I hope you'll check back then to see the final print.


Cin said...

Very interesting to see how the blocks you showed all came together. I tried to imagine it from just looking at them and could "see" the third block easily, the second one somewhat but was totally confused by the first one. So it's the highlights, and eveything else on that block a soft overall color !

Looking forward to seeing the final !

Jim Larimer Fine Arts said...

I am glad that I found your site! I am a painter who has defected to the woodcutters side and am really interested in learning more about Hanga. Are you familiar with the "Barren" web site? Good people and lots of great information. I will keep coming back to learn from what you are doing. Jim

Anonymous said...

Looking good Annie!
I often end up using bokashi to alter the balance of my compositions. When I look at your blocks I think it might be nice to try a bokashi along the bottom of the first block. It is really easy to do and is a very useful technique to practice. Just coat a section of your block with clean paste and add ink to one side. Work the brush back and forth, a little spray of water might be needed, and stop before the colour spreads too far. Print and repeat, but use less ink the second time. It is one of the funnest things to do.