25 July 2005

A Print From a Friend


On Friday I celebrated my birthday. My friend Hannah, age 10, heard that I was learning about printmaking so she made this print for me as a birthday gift. I will treasure it.
Matrix: cardboard
Pigment: black tempera paint
Edition: four


Noah said...

Hi Annie!

This website is great! Makes me want a blog of my own ; ) .

My mom thought this post was so sweet; she nearly cried.

Good luck with future woodblocks!


Cin said...

Happy Belated Birthday !!!!

Hannah said...

Hey Annie!

It's so sweet of you to put my print up on your Blog! Have fun doing other woodblocks!


tom said...

Hi Annie,

I really like this print a lot! Everything about it is just perfect. Make some more please.

Ellen Shipley said...

Hi Annie,

Happy birthday. What a great gift. Very special indeed. 8-]

Ellen Shipley, CA