21 August 2005

Cutting Loose for Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday is a just-for-fun weekly illustration challenge. Every Friday a prompt is given, usually just a single word, and participants have a week to illustrate the word and post a link to their creation. This week's word is "reflection." Sounds good for a woodblock print, doesn't it? I have a little stack of 6" x 10" paper left over from the tea print, so I'm thinking of doing a vertical piece that's split into two halves, one side reflecting the other.

My goal for this print: to have fun, loosen up, and experiment. It will be challenging for me, but I'm not going to use a sketch. I'm just going to start with the concept and see what evolves. Here's the beginning block, a 4 1/2" square that will define the two halves of the print. Notice that I've cut one set of register marks (along the left side of the block) and sketched in a second set in case I want to turn the square 90 degrees. I'm excited to see what happens.


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