19 August 2005

The Power of Tea - Final


I could go on and on with this print, trying to get it just so. I'm ready to start all over yet again, because now I think it's overworked and lacks vibrancy. But you know what? I can't even see this print any more. And you know what else? It's stopped being fun. I mean, those Buddha prints were a blast! They were fun because I was just flowing with the inspiration to do them and I was letting them develop as I went along.

This one, because it was a repeat, has been much more difficult and I just need to quit messing with it. Probably if I had done the first version on proper paper I could have let it be as it was, but the way the pigments blobbed was unacceptable to me.

So this is my final version. Tonight I'll set the prints up to dry and I'll probably end up with an edition of about 25 prints.

Now I need to clean my studio! Thanks for following along and for all your comments.


Andy English said...

Annie, this is superb. You know already that I enjoyed your first version of this but the second, with its cooler colours and fine cutting is outstanding! It is always interesting and informative to repeat an idea and I think that you will have learned a lot from this but I am sure, as you say, that you are now ready to move on from it.

tom said...

Hi Annie,
To me is a more settled image now and it must be very close to what you had planned - no mean feat.
Move on and keep having fun!
Thanks very much for sharing your adventures.