23 August 2005

Reflection - Still the Same Block


This is the same block I've been using since I started the print, but now I've carved it. I drew the rings in pencil right on the wood and then carved. All the carving was done with u-shaped gouges. They're easy to use and they seem to make a softer line than the straight knife known as the to. As before, I printed one side of the paper and then turned it 180 degrees to print the other side.

I've been wondering if I would ever be fast enough at moku hanga to actually complete an illustration assignment in this medium. Because I do so much editorial work, my deadlines are very tight, often a week or less. But this little exercise is making me think it might be possible.


Cin said...

this is such fun to see

danielle said...

Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful detail. I'm very interested in starting woodblock printing because of the beautiful things you have done.

I'm curious, though. If you carved the circles out (so they are the "indents"), why are they darker? Or, do I have that backwards, and you actually carved everything around the circles so they are raised?

Annie B said...

Hi Danielle,

Sorry I wasn't clearer. The little bubble-circles were actually the raised part of the block. I carved out everything around them.

Thanks for commenting. It's so great to hear that you feel inspired to try woodblock printing. Have fun!