26 September 2005

Goma Zuri

Here I've printed the red sandals and the darker layer of the wall. I've been using a traditional bamboo-covered baren since I started doing woodblock prints, but I've been wanting to try some of the other types that are available, so I bought a disk baren from McClain's and I've been testing it out on this print. I haven't been able to get a good smooth area of wide color with this baren, but it makes a really nice goma zuri, that speckled pattern at the top of the wall. For this second pass on the wall I used the disk baren to get some goma zuri texture and then I picked up my bamboo baren and rubbed just the bottom portion of the wall to make that part smoother.

Now I want to print the sky yet again to make it deeper and more purple.

1 comment:

Cin said...

it is so much fun to watch this as it progresses! the colors are wonderful, like the mottled effect from the different barens, the colors showing from below give the whole print a wonderful brightness