28 September 2005

Heaven On Earth Final

 The final version. I'm not sure how many of the 50 I printed are really going to be part of the edition. Right now they're drying under a big pile of books. After that, I'll go through them and weed out the ones that have blemishes I can't live with. All sorts of things can go wrong when printing, and the more impressions you do the more opportunity you have to ruin a print! For example, twice when I was printing the black plate, a hair (dog?) was accidentally inked and it ruined the face. And a couple of knees got blue marks on them. I've learned that these colors will be lighter when they dry.


annie said...

Annie B. -

I have really enjoyed watching this print come along, and your commentary as well.

Annie F.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,

I'm thinking she may not be aware that her middle is missing. She seems fairly confident and who am I to point out the obvious?

Nice work Annie, thanks again for sharing.