25 September 2005


Here's a second pass with the skin color, after carving away the tops of the legs. Right now the overlap of skin color and purple on the wall looks like bad registration, but in fact I'm happy with the registration. That overlap will become the shadowed part of the legs after I overprint a darker color on the wall.

An edition of 50 is really taxing for my body. My right tricep is sore and my maybe-sort-of carpal tunnel problem from 20 years of drawing on a computer isn't doing too well either. I posted a question about barens (the device used for hand printing) and pain on the Baren Forum the other day and got some excellent advice, so today I've been working with my posture, chair height, how I hold the baren, etc. and it seems to help. I so appreciate the Baren Forum, a wonderful group of printmakers who are so generous with their knowledge and time.

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