03 October 2005

Research for a New Print


This past weekend I started working on my print for Baren Exchange #26. I often begin a piece with a title, and the title I've had with me since I signed up for the exchange is "Everyone Everywhere Loves the Same Moon."


I imagined that the print would be an anti-war piece, so I began by researching, looking at photos of Iraq and Afghanistan on the internet.


As I looked at photos, I found myself less drawn to photos of war and more attracted to photos of Muslim women and children. As an American woman with feminist tendencies I find the life of a traditional Islamic woman difficult to imagine, so I began to really explore this theme.


I also looked at images from the great Islamic civilizations of Mesopotamia and Persia, civilizations that greatly influenced ours.


All of which led me directly into the volatile and difficult topic of religion.


Now what?? Time to make some sketches and see what happens as all these thoughts and images roll around inside me.


Pajara Pinta said...

now you got me all curious and I want to see your work... what an interesting topic...!

good luck!


Pajara Pinta said...

btw,... I just took a look at your blog... is sooo interesting... I have always liked woodblock printing, now I feel like learning...

thanks for the inspiration!


Carol Gilbert-Wagner said...


I love the direction you are going with your research for this print. Have you seen the book "The Librarian of Basra", by Jeanette Winter?It's a children's picture book about the true story of how a women librarian saved the books in the city library during the 'shock and awe' event provided by the USA.